• Image of Ombré Glittered Bottle: Ellijay Orange

Limited edition series of 10.

North Georgia! Gold rushes and pumpkin farms. (And wineries. Which make the former things much more fun.) Ellijay Orange features a four-shade blend of neutral metallics, finishing in a downright Octobery copper. Let's decant something bracing, shall we?

A resealable, reusable version of the glittered champagne bottles made by Andrea Carter and featured on 100 Layer Cake, LaurenConrad.com, Huffington Post, Pottery Barn and more. Each bottle is signed, numbered, and handmade by Andrea, so natural variations contribute to the originality of each piece. Glass with a plastic hermetic stopper, 750 mL.

Please allow 14 days for processing - i.e. covering my studio in glitter. It's a one woman show, so patience is rewarded with a detailed, carefully handcrafted original piece of functional art. Thanks!